Boost Industries STS-DR42 Premium 42" Sit to Stand Desk Riser/Monitor Stand with Gas Spring Height Adjustment Handles - Bonus Gadget Cleaner Included! (Black)

Boost Industries STS-DR42 Premium 42" Sit to Stand Desk Riser/Monitor Stand with Gas Spring Height Adjustment Handles - Bonus Gadget Cleaner Included! (Black)

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  • Large 41.3" x 24.8" desk will comfortably hold 2 monitors and/or a single monitor and laptop. Bonus Gadget Cleaner Included
  • Smooth and stable adjustable height from 5.1" to 19.7" offers the proper working angle for sitting or standing
  • Keyboard tray is 33.5" wide and 11.8" deep - large enough to hold a keyboard or a laptop and mouse
  • The STS-DR42 is designed with dual levers that are located on opposite sides of the desk. This child safe design approach makes it impossible for the desk to be lowered (and potentially hurt a child's arm or fingers) because both levers must be engaged simultaneously to adjust the height of the desk.
  • Gas springs are designed to hold up to 33 lbs. Gas Spring Usage Rating: 20,0000. Watch the YouTube Video Link:

Color Name:Black  |  Size :42" Standard Depth (STS-DR42)

This desktop adjustable stand gives you the best of both worlds. You can sit part of the day, as you always have, but you can also stand and take advantage of all the health benefits that come with standing and moving around. You, and your associates, will become healthier and more productive. The large surface can hold 2 monitors or a monitor and a laptop.

PROS: Price, sturdiness, easy operation, free shipping
CONS: Keyboard tray just a BIT too small. If they had this exact design but scaled up to 48" it would be perfect for me.

This is my first desk riser and it works exactly as described and feels very sturdy. I would have liked to buy the Varidesk 48" instead but that desk was more than double the price.

Most other desks available on .ca had very small keyboard trays (Notice how they are all shown with those tiny Apple keyboards, or without a mouse). I have a normal sized mechanical gaming keyboard. I slide the keyboard to the left side of tray and there is enough space for mouse movement, although it's just too small to fit my large gaming mousepad.

I have two monitors: a 24" and a 19" and this desk is JUST large enough to fit both (landscape mode). I like to sit with my main monitor directly in front of me and my secondary monitor off to the right side and angled. I need to shift my keyboard a bit to the left and stand a bit off center in order to be centered on my main monitor.

Conclusion: Works great, would love to see a larger version of this for large two monitor setups and a bit more space on the keyboard tray.
By Coolbreeze September 28, 2016
Very happy with this product. Keyboard tray is large enough for a full size keyboard, a mouse and a space mouse (see image).
I have two 22 inch monitors mounted off a dual monitor bracket that is clamped the the desk surface. Very sturdy and easily adjusted.
By John January 3, 2017
I work from home a lot and, with all the talk of how bad sitting is for you, I decided to finally do something about it. I picked this one mostly because of the size of the keyboard tray. I wanted to make sure I had enough room for a decent sized keyboard and a mouse. This one works good for that. It is very solid. I can even lean on it when it's in the up position. I find myself spending more and more time with it up as opposed to down.
There's plenty of room on the upper surface. I'm using a dual monitor mounting arm with it as well so I don't have to deal with the monitor 'feet' being in the way. I can fit my laptop up there, along with speakers and anything else I need. Just make sure your cables have enough 'play' in them to accommodate the raising and lowering of this, which isn't very difficult to do, by the way.
All in all, I am very happy with this.
By Grampa January 11, 2017
LOVE this desk! I have been standing to work at least 4 hours.. and often 6 hours a day.. At first I got used to standing for only an hour at a time, but I rapidly grew to tolerate the standing. Glad I bought a gel mat.. but I change it around for shoes, no shoes, standing mat, no standing mat.. all the day long. I also have fun flexing my hips now and then, or dancing to tunes when I'm not concentrating too hard. I find I'm tired at the end of the day, but it's a good tired, physical tired. My back has eased, and I have less pain in my hip joints. The desk itself was heavy in it's box, but was EASY to assemble the few parts, and it was up and running (with a bit of help lifting it on my desk) within 1/2 hour. I am 68 years old and can EASILY lift the desk up and down.. and it has many settings so I can have it higher or lower from resting position to really high! Love it, and wish I'd bought one earlier. I compared prices, and this is one of the best deals.. if you're on the fence, this is the one. However, remember even though you can write easily on the top of the 35" wide desk in front of the monitors (I have two 27" monitors) Your actual desk space will be gone. ;) but then, mine was gone anyway due to my monitors.. so it all evened out for me. If you want your desk space to be available, you'll have to buy a monitor/keyboard 'arm' which can be mounted to the back of your existing desk, and then you swivel them out of the way. That's all I can tell you. ;) Enjoy your newfound health with this low priced desk!
By Thea June 28, 2017
Easy to convert your office desk into a standing/sitting desk. Got this for my husband's work where they're not as advanced in terms of understanding the purpose of not sitting all day so it was an easy alternative to buying a full standing/sitting desk.
He uses it standing in the morning and sits later in the afternoon and his back/neck are much better because of it. You will need to buy a cushioned standing matt as well to ease strain on the joints, there are also some great leaning stools that would work well with this as well.
By Amazon Customer November 15, 2017
Bought this desk for our business having previously purchased Rocelco product, which is also excellent.

Pros: This desk has a wide keyboard tray - much wider than the Rocelco, lots of space for monitors, excellent mechanism to raise and lower the desk straight up and down vs. at an angle.

Cons: There is minor assembly required (8 screws for the keyboard tray and a few other push-on pieces. Very heavy unit (but that may speak to better quality as well).
By Brent September 19, 2017
This desk is great!! The keyboard tray is large and easily fits a mouse and a split keyboard, I also have room for my 2x 24" monitors. It raises and lowers smoothly. Very happy with the purchase!! Hopefully my low back issues are the thing of the past!
By Amazon Customer December 9, 2016
Love this. It is heavy and it is rather large. Goes up and down seamlessly and holds both of my monitors/keyboard on the main shelf.

I didn't add the keyboard holder as my desk isn't big enough... but when I stand I just put it on top where my monitors are. I can see this lasting a long time. I'm very happy with it. Monitors shake slightly when I type but I figure that will happen no matter what I get.
By Caitlyn M. June 23, 2018