Triple Eight Undercover Snow Wrist Guards TRIQP

Triple Eight Undercover Snow Wrist Guards TRIQP

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Make sure you buy one size up than shown in the size chart or else it will not fit you. I bought one size up for myself and it fits. I used it for snowboarding once so far and it is extremely effective for breaking falls when the ground is hard. Before when I did not use any wrist guard, my palm and wrist used to get sore, but after I used this wrist guard I did not have any issues. I am a beginner in snowboarding so I fall a lot. I took out the back hand brace and just left the palm brace on because it’s more comfortable that way. It takes some effort to get my gloves on top of these wrist guards, but once the gloves are on it’s comfortable. This is great value for money.
By Rubayat February 16, 2018
Best snowboarding wrist guards I've head and I must have bought at least 6 different brands over the last few years. They are rather tight though so perhaps get a size up? I have thin wrists and average woman's hands - I always wear small gloves etc. but I had to buy these in medium as small did not fit well. Great product!
By Miriam December 13, 2016
I've only used these twice, but will be using them a third time on Saturday. I bought them last winter as temporary guards until I buy myself a higher quality pair (such as Flexmeter or Biomex). As a piano playing snowboarder, wrist guards are necessary. :) I'm satisfied with them so far. I consider myself a "casual snowboarder", meaning I don't ride the parks and only do (mild) jumps when I'm feeling crazy. I wouldn't say these are the best choice for an X rider, but for the small falls and wipeouts these guards definitely make me feel more secure. They are very difficult to fit under my normal mitts, so beware of that when buying these guards.

Also, just a note--don't wear anything underneath them.

4 stars because something has to be pretty fantastic for me to give 5. :)
By Amazon Customer March 3, 2016
I bought these after breaking my wrist, i should of bought them before. Anyway they are great wrist protections. They are not the most comfortable but are very tolerable, if you take your gloves off often you are going to have a bad time putting them back on.
By Pierrick S. February 8, 2017
Good product. I have definitely put these to use while snowboarding, since buying them and they've saved my wrists.
Only one problem is they can cause blisters on the back of your hands, but this is easily solved with thin gloves or pulling your sleeves up so they cover the backs of your hands under the gaurds.
By Non Fanboy February 4, 2018
These are great, just make sure to find globes that allow you to use them inside, after that you forget you have them, unless you fall, then you will be thankful to have them, believe me.
By Luis Socorro November 29, 2016
Very good. Unfortunately I had to return because the size M was too tight on my hands
By Amazon Customer February 27, 2018
Protect my wrist very well. I got medium size but a bit tight. If the width of your palm is about 10cm (the widest part), you HAVE TO get large size.
By Paul Paul March 5, 2017