Kohree 3 Pack of white Flameless Pillar Candles with Remote and Timer 8 function remote,Battery Operated LED Pillar Candles

Kohree 3 Pack of white Flameless Pillar Candles with Remote and Timer 8 function remote,Battery Operated LED Pillar Candles

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  • Set of three unscented, wavy edge, remote control flameless candles, 3 sizes: 3 "x 4", 3" x 5", 3" x 6".
  • Weatherproof and designed to withstand light rain and not heavy rain or standing water. Ideal for outdoor & indoor with no wax to melt.
  • Safe around the home, children and pets ; Flickers like a real flame - LED bulb will not get hot and rated to last 10,000 hours
  • 8 function remote included - On / Off / 4 hour timer / 8 hour timer / flicker / non-flicker / dim / bright;Requires 2 x AA Batteries per candle (not included)
  • Suitable for anniversary, marriage proposal, outdoor candlelit banquets, promotional products, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, Christmas

In the past, I've had issues where the controller supplied with the flameless candles, even with new batteries, would stop working. I'm happy to say that these candles and controller have been working for many months now and I love the warm glow they give off. I placed one of these candles in my daughter's hot air balloon decoration, and love the "night light" sense coming from it.
By Amazon Customer December 8, 2017
they are very white and when the lights are off look very fake. but i love how it looks at night they look real and the remote saves alot of hassel. i love them the timmer is alittle weird tho
By Jordan Nickel March 22, 2017
I was a bit sceptical about ordering these type of candles but I have gorgeous wall mounted candlesticks that are on a 14ft wall over my fireplace & I needed candles that I could light with a remote . The candles are perfect ! They look beautiful & realistic . They are a good size & I love the options with the remote . You can have them flicker , or not, you can make light strong or softer. You can program the remote for 4 or 8 hours . I am very happy with this product !
By Roula.S August 13, 2014
For the price, it's pretty incredible. We have them standing as pillars where our old candles were, and we frequently move out of the way when our arm goes past it for fear of burning ourselves -- then realize they don't emit a real flame.

We have young children and friends with young children. It's perfect for creating ambiance while staying safe.
By Batika January 8, 2016
These Kohree flameless pillar candles are just fabulous! They look just like regular pillar candles. Comes w/remote control for different settings & you can even set how long you want the candles on for. Lovely! Well made, white(changes when lit) in color pillar candles, that give a beautiful ambiance. Product as described+ We love these, as they are good around grandchildren, pets, etc... We'll be purchasing more of this product. Makes a great gift too. Highly recommend. Thanks! Kohree.
By Mpsat44 March 16, 2017
I purchased 2 sets of these candles and the first few weeks they have worked excellent. Now, 1 set still works great and 2 out of the other set are malfunctioning, but the customer service is wonderful and they are refunding for 2 candles. They look beautiful in the application I am using them for and set the ambience perfectly. I will definitely purchase more of these.
I was drawn to them for a few things, like being controlled remotely, which means I don't have to keep removing them from their home (large lanterns surrounded by pebbles) to power them on or off. I also liked that the batteries are AA's, so easy to purchase and replace. The remote will work with all candles if you purchase more than one set, so there's always a spare if you lose one.
I had no problem dressing these candles up to give them a more lifelike appearance, just use your imagination. :)
By Amazon Customer August 16, 2017
A friend gave me a candle like these ones a few years ago and I've been looking for them ever since. I simply love the way they are made and the effect they give. If they are set in a place one can't really touch them, they look so real! So now I have 4 of them with this purchase and am very happy. They are the only Flameless Candles that look so real. Also appreciate the timer on them. Very happy with my purchase.
By ELLE1976 November 2, 2014
These are perfect, I love them.
Perfect for when our power goes out sometimes, I don't like real candles for fire safety.
Remote works great too.
By Rose June 2, 2017