American Lifetime Slide Board - Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy with Shoe Booties and Carrying Bag Included - Black/White, 6/7.5 Feet

American Lifetime Slide Board - Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy with Shoe Booties and Carrying Bag Included - Black/White, 6/7.5 Feet

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  • MINIMAL IMPACT, HIGH PERFORMANCE - Our silky-smooth weight training Slide Board is specially designed to provide minimal impact on your knees and legs while catering to many high-performance exercises, including training for popular sports. If you like skating or hockey, the Slide Board could be your perfect exercise tool!
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELING - The board's soft and flexible material makes travel easy - all you need to do is roll it up and it will fit perfectly in its carrying bag, which is included free for safe, secure and hassle-free transportation. Wherever you're ready to work out, the Slide Board will be there with you.
  • FIND YOUR PERFECT WORKOUT - Our board can be used for countless exercises, not limited to: Core and Leg Training, Squats, Split Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Stair Climbing, Planks, and Plank Jacks (and many more we don't have the room to mention here). Research your body's needs to find your perfect workout routine, and the Slide Board will become your new favorite gym assistant!
  • WE'RE CONFIDENT IN YOUR SATISFACTION - Here at American Lifetime, we are confident in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We're only happy if you're happy, therefore we offer a 1-year warranty with your purchase, plus a 30-day risk-free period covered by our Free Returns Policy.

Experience a whole new way to achieve (and surpass) your fitness goals with the Slide Board by American Lifetime. Using a simple slide and bumper-grid design for specified grip, the Slide Board can help anyone perform an array of high-performance, high-intensity exercises, many of which are perfect as training exercises for skating and hockey. Our board is six feet long and its grip on each end keeps your motions contained safely to prevent from muscle tearing, which is a threat many other boards face by lacking such a design. The American Lifetime Slide Board also comes with a few freebies to help you with your workout: a pair of booties for more effective side-to-side lunges and other exercises, and a mesh carrying bag for easy storage when your board is not in use. By being light, portable and offering such a vast array of exercise options for any need, the American Lifetime Slide Board could be just the thing to put you on the path to a better body.

This is a great item on its own or as an addition to another exercise routine. It is perfect for low impact exercise. I now use it to take a break from the treadmill and stationary bike and it fits in perfect! I won’t go into great detail about the muscle groups, but if you have ever skated you get the idea. It definitely works different muscles than the two machines I mentioned above.

As far as the board and booties go, they are great quality and work much better than I expected. I was skeptical about a compact “travel” exercise board, but this item exceeded my expectations. It took a little getting used to because the board is definitely slippery, but once I got the hang of it the exercises went well. It also took a couple of tries to roll it back up, but once I got the knack it was much easier the second time. The instruction booklet gives you some basic exercises that are pretty standard, but you can search YouTube for more in-depth instructional videos.

Overall, this is a great item for those looking to practice some skating skills, get into a low impact exercise, or add to their current routine. The bonus being that it is very portable and it “sticks” well to hardwood and carpet (I have both). My only complaint is that it was supposed to come with bonus “gifts” and they are nowhere to be found. Not a reflection on the quality of the item, but the package was not as advertised for sure. Therefore, I am giving this a 4 star review. If everything came as advertised in the pictures and description, I would give it a 5. Keep this in mind if you are planning on ordering. I was contacted by the company and asked to test this product. Once completed, I gave the above review based on my findings.
By J Spig June 24, 2017
The board is great. It slides as expected, and allows me to work on my goalie sliding style.

It takes some space and can be awkward to fold back in the bag so MAKE SURE you have the space. It won't turn but stays straight.

7' is long, have the space and you will enjoy it as much as me. Get some shoes to use in the special cover, I wouldn't see all shoes doing well but its up to you.

They have a 3 emails policies to seek feedback which is quick and great if theres anything you are missing or dislike.
By Jay T September 6, 2018
Travail les jambes efficacement. Je suis très satisfaite du produit! Dans l'emballage, une paire de ''lycra booties'' supplémentaire serait apréciée. Lorsque tu fais essayer le ''Slide board'' à des gens, ils capotent tous et trouvent ça vraiment cool!
By Client d'Amazon July 9, 2018
Love this product. The price is right and you certainly get your sweat on. Cheaper than a gym membership and you can supplement your workouts with weights.
By Pat Thomson May 14, 2018
Perfect condition when arrived works great 👍 loving my new slide board :)
By Vanessa February 28, 2018
Works great! Very happy with purchase !
By Stacey Bragnalo December 4, 2017
Great work out.
By Keith BAxter January 21, 2018
Say hello to my new entertainment came on time beautiful effective you sweating in 5 minuets slippery but of course first steps I’ll keep exercising till I get the point but real recommend it fun fun fun Best seller ever
Thanks thanks to the seller
By REEMA Abdulhadi October 24, 2017