Slime 40023 Top Off Tire Inflator

Slime 40023 Top Off Tire Inflator

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  • Built-in tire pressure dial gauge
  • Great for vehicles with TPMS
  • Dual purpose: check pressure and inflate
  • Inflates a mid-sized car tire in 14 minutes
  • Light-weight and easy to carry

Slime's Top Off Inflator is a dual purpose inflator. You can use it to air up your tires or use its built-in dial gauge to check you tire pressure. Features: built-in dial gauge, 12V accessory power, bright LED light, 10′ (25cm) power cord, with a max PSI of 50.

-20 C outside and I felt my car pulling to the right riding rough and a little banked to the right as I exited the highway, and it was quite a bad time to have flat. I had 3 options: 1. call to not go to work and have my tire patched, 2. use the spare donut tire for the rest of the day, or 3. Use the tire inflator I bought 2 weeks ago. I used the tire inflator while preparing the spare in case the inflator did not work. After 5 minutes, the pressure was building up, and another 5 minutes I was up to 26 psi. I returned the spare knowing this might be good enough to get to location, and once I got there I topped off the tire pressure. That was enough to last the rest of the trip, thanks to this.
By Ar.s.Ar February 2, 2018
Very bad quality, you never know if you are emptying your wheel or filling it. And you cant really have a precise measure of how. Much air is in there. Teied to inflate a mattresse it took for ever. You better buy a Viair for 80$ pro queality but buy one that you can plug to battery directly.
By Zamba Family September 6, 2018
it's a bit flimsy and takes FOREVER to fill a tire
By Samuel Chua August 23, 2018
I am happy with my purchase good for the price.
By Sallu December 15, 2017
works well
By R S Pennie September 28, 2017
Works great.
By michael zhang December 14, 2017
Working perfect
By Amazon Customer September 11, 2017
Great Product
By Amazon Customer April 3, 2017