Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines Malone Racks MPG114MD

Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines Malone Racks MPG114MD

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  • J-style kayak carrier with built-in boarding ramp for easy loading
  • Fold down technology increases overhead clearance. Compatible with the MPG351 Telos Load Assist
  • Oversized padding protects boat during transport
  • JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square and most factory oval cross rails, includes both 60mm and 70mm pre-coated mounting bolts
  • Cam style load straps with buckle protectors

Capacity: For kayaks up to 36" wide and 75 LB ; Dimensions: 17" (L) x 6" (W) x 19.5" (H) raised and 6" (H) lowered ; Frame: Coated steel, Injection molded nylon ; Weight: 16 LB (set of 2) ; INCLUDED IN THE BOX: (2) J-Style Fold-Down Cradles ; (2) 12' Cam Buckle Load Straps ; (2) Bow & Stern Safety Tie-Downs ; (2) Jawz Universal Fit Mounting Blocks ; (4) 60mm & 70mm Attachment Bolts with T-Knobs ; (1) Detailed Instructions

I have to admit 3rd time using this product I broke one of the locks. I was stressed as in a week I was going away kayaking and it was a 3 hour drive and I needed to get a new lock piece. I emailed the company in Maine I believe and they were shocked that it broke but they sent a bunch of new ones by courier free. I kept one in my glove-box just in case it happened again. A year later and thousands of highway km's with my 2 sit in kayaks they are working great. My neighbor has flip down Thule racks and he likes mine better as the shape of the front plate makes it easy to slide them up and holds them in place. Other than the padded sleeves fading in the sun they work like new. This is definitely a great product and a good company to deal with. I have mine mounted on a 2015 Toyota Highlander factory roof rack using the long bolts and they look great even when not in use.
By Frank Giddings September 11, 2018
I've tried a lot of kayak racks in the past. I owned Malone Jracks Pro2 sets for years and loved them. However i needed to take my roof rack off the car every time I wanted to put the car in the garage. These folding jracks are the solution. Bought 2 sets and I love them. Lots of padding everywhere to protect my fiberglass kayaks. I trust the brand and would buy again in a heartbeat. They tend to be less expensive then the bigger brands of racks out there too!
By JayP August 19, 2017
Excellent alternative to the more expensive brands on the market. The Malone Telos Load System combined with this roof rack is a back saver and a great way for one person to load a kayak on a SUV or Minivan. Great quality product.
By Amazon Customer February 12, 2018
After doing quite a bit of research, I found that the Malone J-Hooks are the best out there. Had a little bit of difficulty with Purolator as they didn't seem to want to deliver them on time. Drag but seemingly nothing we can do about those guys...
Glad I got these and they're more than worth the price.
By Michael Ferfolia August 5, 2016
Has a chance to use these to cart my kayak around - no complaints here, they work great and look good too.
By Chris June 27, 2016
Doesn't fit my Nissan xTerra. Great customer service helped me locate bolts to fix the problem.
By LFedorick September 17, 2016
Used the longer bolts that are provided and the holders fit my Kia Sorento roof racks perfectly.
By Paul Butler June 4, 2018
They work great! Very happy with this product and shipping was quick.
By Ernest Sorensen July 18, 2017