Plano Molding Company SE Series Rimfire/Sporting Gun Case, Black, Large 1014212

Plano Molding Company SE Series Rimfire/Sporting Gun Case, Black, Large 1014212

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  • Interlocking foam
  • Contoured recessed latches
  • Strong and rigid ribbed construction
  • Padlock tabs for added security
  • Exterior 41.8 x 11.8 x 3.5 Inch

Plano rifle case Eggcrate foam interior Rugged, ribbed construction Molded handles Padlock tabs 4 latches Molded feet 41.80x11.80x3.50 exterior 40.50x10x3 interior

This particular model of case does not seem as stiff as the Flambeau made cases - there are not enough ribs molded in and the plastic appears just a little thinner. It gets the job done, and holds a 38" rim fire rifle with scope. There are latches on the very ends, which keeps the case tight, but the middle of the case under the handle is a little floppy. Another latch right under the handle perhaps would've improved stiffness. If you zip tie, or use tight small locks on the locking points, the stiffness also improves. There are four locking points (corners, and middle).

This case will get you to the range, or keep your firearm relatively safe as it bounces around in the trunk of a car, pickup bed, or boat. You could also strap it to an ATV and it would probably be ok. I don't recommend it all for air or bus travel, where the potential of a baggage handler tossing it and hitting the ground is commonplace. You'll need to spend at least triple for real protection....

The cost ($45) seems a little high compared to the other basic cases - which can be had for $30 - and are larger (more plastic). Still, the main reason most folks will purchase the Plano Sporting Rimfire is because it is only 40 inches long, and not the 52-54 inches that every other common (centerfire) case is. Most sporting stores only carry the longer cases. That extra 12-14 inches makes a huge difference when packing the trunk of a small car, boat, or truck box.

Some reviewers have complained that the foam is not thick enough. I believe the real issue is that the case flexes, which can cause the rifle to move around a bit. I haven't yet seen any damage.

It is not watertight, so don't expect it to float your gun to safety in a boating accident. It will keep rain off, but not a drenching.

Recommended, but try to get on sale. I would've given it 4 stars, maybe 5 is the price was closer to the USA , where folks are saying it was only $20.
By Rockwood Joe September 11, 2017
Mon fils est super heureux.
By Client d'Amazon August 4, 2017