HP 10bii+ Financial Calculator Hewlett Packard HP-10BIIPLUS/B12

HP 10bii+ Financial Calculator Hewlett Packard HP-10BIIPLUS/B12

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  • Features:The quality keypad allows you to minimize unwanted key presses with large, soft edged keys and generous keyspacing. 2 shift functions. Auto power off, after 10 minutes.
  • Manufacturer Warranty:1 year warranty
  • Product Types:Business Calculator


Excellent machine, good big & clear numbers display, good tactile keys, lots of functions - what more can you ask? Answer: RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) and Programming. HP: this machine DESERVES RPN as operating mode. I'm a big fan of the HP41C & HP12C and I'm very happy with them after more than 30 years of use. I compared this calculator with them because I was having difficulty to see the orange text.
The background around the keys on this one is too dark (compared with the old "chaps") which makes the orange thin labels difficult to see. Suggestion: make the background in lighter color and use yellow text instead. These are NOT defects but improvements that HP can make on this calculator to make it one of the best. If the user does not know what RPN mode is, good - continue to use the Algebraic or Chain modes (this calc. does have both) because once you learn to operate RPN you will not go back to the other modes.
More to ask to HP: include the date format yyyy.mmdd - It's used nowadays by IRS, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), NASA, Japan and others.
HP: I'll buy also in a hart-beat the 10bii+ RPN with the improved features I'm suggesting.
By Armando July 19, 2017
By that, I don't mean that you'll pay X for it, and that it will be worth X/2 after your first calculation...but I'm speaking of a period when Cadillac's were thought to be the best USA made vehicle that you could buy.

This is the financial calculator of choice for bankers, real estate agents, and anyone who really wants to figure out how long it will actually take them to retire the loan on the bank note that you took out to buy that timeshare in Panama City Beach...business decisions should never be made over frozen cocktails at Margaritaville.
By TeddyOctober September 29, 2015
It seems like when using the TVM function the interest rate is always x12.

If im solving for the interest rate I have to divide the answer by 12 at the end to get the correct value. If I'm solving for another value variable I have to be sure to multiple the interest rate by 12 before entering it.

This issue happens regardless of what "number of payments per year" mode it's on.
By Amazon Customer June 22, 2017
Calculator does what it's intended to do. It's a little lighter than the programmable calculator I had many years ago so initially I though it was a knockoff Chinese version. Haven't had a chance to use it too much at this point but so far so good.
By Tay Doan July 27, 2018
Required this calculator for the Ontario Real Estate Exam. Price is right, works for financial calculations including mortgages and the battery life is good. This comes with a sleek case that fits snugly.
By Jon S. July 31, 2018
The most recommended Financial Calculator for the Financial Planning and Canadian Securities Course.

Mainly used by CSI and CIFP. Best to get used to using it as it is supposedly simpler than the TI Financial Calculator
By Kristopher September 16, 2016
Essential with my new Real Estate business. The manual is very handy to become familiar with all the functions available to you...use it!
By Amazon Customer August 13, 2018
Has worked well for the past few months, buttons have a nice click to them. Will see how many years it lasts.
By Mike May 16, 2017