Emzone Air Duster 284g.10Oz -4 pack Empack

Emzone Air Duster 284g.10Oz -4 pack Empack

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  • Emzone Air Duster 500 12units/case -284g. 10 Oz

emzone Air Dusters blast away dust, dirt and lint from computers, electronics, office equipment, and automobiles including keyboards, printers, cameras, CD/DVD players, fax machines, telephones, photocopiers, and dashboards. Great for hard to reach areas. -Non-ozone depleting -Zero Residue -Moisture free -Non-VOC ITEM NUMBER: 47020 PRODUCT SIZE: 10 oz / 284 g UPC NUMBER: 060480 470205

I've always used Dust-Off products but these Emzone Air Dusters are just as good and have a lower price. It's much more economical to buy these dusters in packs of four or more. It's well worth having a few extra cans because they're so handy around the home and office. They're not just for computer equipment. The dusters have a very long shelf life.
By Warren October 25, 2017
Can't go wrong for the money!!!!! To buy a single can of spray locally, is not much less than what it cost to buy this 4 pack. Works well, very happy with the purchase. Cheers, Pierre.
By Pierre February 9, 2017
I use this to clean my computer all of the time, typically I try to buy when it is on sale, but they last a long time, as long as you don't spray aimlessly.
By Amazon Customer September 25, 2018
Not much to say, they're compressed air cans. They do the trick
By Suneil S Parmar June 13, 2017
Glad it came in 4 cans because I use a lot of it...
By KJC September 15, 2017
Standard air cans for blowing out computers. They're a good size for the price, and they do include the little tubes for more precision.
By Chuck F October 24, 2016
Fast delivery and check all four can they have straw and clean my computer today amd ps4 too. Great product from seller
By quoc dien pham June 2, 2017
Much cheaper than buying it at retail stores, same quality (if not better). This is a no brainer.
By Polymatheus February 13, 2017